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August 2014


Just had an amazing paddle on Clunie.  Due to a cricked neck, I’ve done no SUPing for the past 2 weeks, (apart from the wee paddle on Etchachan).  So today I decided to go out and do 16km on Clunie.  I was just coming to the end of my 16km when a mighty storm came in.  The wind was blowing a hooley, the rain was horizontal, the shore vanished in the rain and cloud, and the biggest waves I’ve seen on Clunie came out to play.  In the past I would have normally dropped to my knees to battle through these waves, but after my recent Tay trips I decided to stay standing.  What a blast!!  It was all over in 5 minutes, but was absolutely wonderful.  So invigorating, that I did a further 4km, all in just over 3 hours!  Hard work, but worth it!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.