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December 2016


  • August 17th – Dean & Rhona have just signed up for the 3km Go Swim Loch Tay event on the 17th – INFO
  • July 1st – Amelia Hilton talks to Dean about paddles and pedals on RNIB Connect Radio.  Read more HERE
  • June 2nd – Dean won the Scottish National Paddleboard Championships, (prone division). This should automatically qualify him for the 2024 World Championships in Copenhagen.  Sadly, as the rules stand, he may not be allowed to race.  CLICK HERE
  • March 28th – Amelia Hilton talks to Dean about Winter & Spring prone boarding on RNIB Connect Radio.  Read more HERE
  • February 23rd – Dean was one of the speakers at “An Evening of Adventures” in Aberfeldy.
  • September 26th – Amelia Hilton talks to Dean about sea swimming, cycling, and prone boarding on RNIB Connect Radio.  Read more HERE
  • September 16th – Dean & Rhona were back for yet another Lamlash Splash. It was rather lumpy this time! Read more HERE
  • September 9th – Dean & Rhona had a lot of fun at the Beadnell Belta. Read more HERE
  • September 2nd – Along with a great support team of Niall, Rhona, David, & Gerry, Dean had another go at the North Channel crossing.  Read more HERE
  • September – As part of RNIB Connect Radio’s 20thanniversary, Amelia Hilton had her first ever prone board experience with Dean on The Blind Leading series. Read more HERE
  • July 29th – Along with Amy, Lindsay and James, Dean took part in the Moray Firth Challenge. Read more HERE
  • June 25th – Climbing hills and dodging storms on the Great North Trail.  Read more HERE
  • June 11th – Loch Venachar SUP & Prone race.  Read more HERE
  • May 18th – Dean & Rhona took another nibble out of the Great North Trail, but this was not a good map-reading day.  Read more HERE
  • April 15th – Dean took on his first prone race of the year, (and he wasn’t the only prone paddler there!)  Read more HERE
  • December 21st – Dean & Rhona took part in the Adaptive Riders Collective fundraising 24 hour bike relay at Aberfoyle. Read more HERE.
  • September 17th – Dean was back for his 6th Lamlash Splash, with Rhona guiding him for the 2nd time.  CLICK HERE
  • September 10th – With the support of a great team, Dean attempted to cross the North Channel on his proneboard.  CLICK HERE
  • July 30th – With the help of his friend, Piotr, Dean took part in the Moray Firth Sea Kayak Challenge.  CLICK HERE
  • June 18th – Dean teamed up with fellow prone paddlers James Fletcher & Caorann Fosbrooke for a 16km sea paddle in some very challenging conditions.  CLICK HERE
  • March 27th – Dean entered his first race on a proneboard.  How did he get on – CLICK HERE.
  • July 25th – With the help of an amazing team, Dean took on the mighty Loch Awe on his prone.  CLICK HERE
  • May 22/23 – Dean took on another one of his long awaited adventures. (He’d been waiting for over 30 years!)  CLICK HERE
  • March 31st – Dean talks about some of his adventures on episode 42 of the Always Another Adventure podcast, hosted by Simon Willis. CLICK HERE
  • March 22nd – Dean did an online Q&A session with the wonderful pupils from Dubeg Primary School about how his blindness affects both his daily life and his adventures.
  • March 16th – Dean was on the Kaye Adams Programme on BBC Radio Scotland. CLICK HERE
  • March 11th – A bumper 2hr Adventure Show including a couple of pieces in which Dean takes Patrick Winterton porneboarding before Patrick takes Dean wing foil boarding. Now available to watch again on the BBC iPlayer.
  • March 6th – Graeme Ogston of BBC News wrote about Dean’s close call towards the end of last year. CLICK HERE
  • December 11th – Dean did a short online talk for the Water Skills Academy.
  • November 11th – Dean did a short online talk for the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.
  • August – Dean was delighted to be invited to be part of the DofE Scotland Gold Award video CLICK HERE
  • July 24th – Dean took on one of his 2020 adventures.  Read all about it HERE.
  • June 22nd – Grant Parker, at “A Broken World” podcast, chats to Dean about his life, adventures, and love of adrenaline.  CLICK HERE
  • June – Dean was chuffed to be included in the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s “Inspiring People At Home” project. CLICK HERE
  • May 23rd – Dean was interviewed by Jon Gericke for Sport Trax on SAfm.  CLICK HERE.
  • Due to COVID-19 all of Dean’s talks planned for the Spring and Summer of 2020 have been postponed. New talks will be posted when confirmed.
  • January 25th – Dean & Rhona were back at the Ice Factor for some more indoor ice climbing.  Read more HERE.
  • October 19th – Dean did his “SUP to St Kilda” talk at the Tullynessle Hall in Aberdeenshire. 
  • September 21st – Dean & Rhona swam together in the Lamlash Splash.  This was the first time Rhona had guided Dean in a swimming event.  Read more HERE.
  • September – Dean and Patrick Winterton had their Big Challenge planned, but things didn’t quite go to plan.  Read more HERE
  • July – Dean is chuffed to nuts to be included in the Palm 40th Celebrations SUP video.  Watch it HERE
  • June 21st – Read how a trip to find the midnight sun in Scotland, turned into the 3 Lochs Challenge.
  • June 15th – Dean took journalist Gayle Ritchie out for a prone boarding session.  Read more HERE.
  • June 7th-9th – Dean and Rhona joined the Nairn Academy Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award group on their final training SUP expedition weekend. CLICK HERE.
  • May 27th – Dean & Rhona rode Europe’s longest, and the world’s fastest zipwire.  Click HERE.
  • March 2nd – Dean did his first mountain bike trail blue route.  Blind and daft?  CLICK HERE.
  • March 1st – Dean was one of the speakers at the Braemar Mountain Festival.
  • February 26th – Dean & Rhona spent the day with the wonderful folk at Craggan Outdoors, doing some rock climbing and archery.


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.