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Loch Tummel, Scotland

January 2017


Loch Tummel, Scotland
After a couple of short training sessions on Clunie Loch on Sunday and Monday, with Rhona, (playing in the ice), it was time to get a bigger paddle in.  So, we headed back to my usual training ground, Loch Tummel.
The water conditions were ideal, hardly a ripple on the water, and there wasn’t a breath of wind.  However, no wind meant that the mist stayed put. 
What an amazing paddle.  One minute I’d be paddling in the clear, then a bank of mist would roll in and I’d struggle to see the end of my board.
I remember looking up to see Tarzans’ Lodge off to my 11 o’clock.  I then looked down for less than 10 seconds, and when I looked up, the lodge had vanished into the mist.  Awesome!
It may not have been my fastest paddle, but it was certainly one to remember.


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