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Bike (GNT) – Duncansby Head to Loch Watten, Scotland

September 2021

Never claiming to be “normal”, today’s bike ride on the Great North Trail, (our 7th), took place at the end, (or the beginning), of the trail. Starting at Duncansby Head, (near John o’ Groats), and heading south(ish) to Loch Watten.
We drove the route on the way to the start, (it’s all on road), and we both commented on how flat this route was. However, after just a couple of kms on the bike, we soon realised that it wasn’t flat at all. It was just a constant subtle climb, or downhill. Add in a lot of wind, and all of a sudden this 62k, (there and back), wasn’t quite as easy as we’d thought.
Also, I discovered that tarmac is not the best way to test my new mountain bike with full suspension and big grippy tyres! But not to worry, our next ride will be off-road!
BTW. We forgot to take a photo of us by the lighthouse on the actual day, so took this slightly foggy one the following morning. There is a lighthouse in there somewhere, honest. (Has anyone got a light?)
#BLINDRIDER #greatnorthtrail #Onemillionmiles

GNT (one way) kms: 31.25
Total (round trip) kms: 62.51



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