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Bike (GNT) – Heading south from Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England

June 2024

A mixed couple of days on the Great North Trail.
Day 1 started well with a wee recce from our campsite in Kirkby Stephen. With Molly leading the way, we explored part of the Viaduct Round route. Once Molly was sufficiently exercised, she was dropped off back at the van whilst we headed south out of Kirkby Stephen.
It wasn’t long before the OsmAnd map started to play silly so-and-sos. After almost an hour and many “mini explorations”, we had covered just over 3.5 GNT kms, climbing over styles, pushing our bikes through knee high grass and nettles, and the occasional chat with confused looking cows and sheep. Rhona assured me that this was definitely the correct route, as she could spy at least one bike track through the long vegetation. However, how long ago this had been created was anybody’s business.
Knowing that we had to get back to Molly, we agreed to cut our losses and turned back at the big farmhouse on Wharton Lane, near Lammerside Castle. From here we cycled back up to the main road and pretty much free-wheeled all of the way back to the campsite.

GNT (one way) kms: 3.67
Total (round trip) kms: 9.44


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