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Prone – Loch Earn, Scotland.

November 2018

Prone-tober rolls on to Prone-vember!
As my foot injury isn’t healing as quickly as I’d hoped, it looks like another month of lying down, and if it is anything like today, bring it on!!
My good friend Piotr of Outdoor Explore and I hit Loch Earn. He was taking a group of clients kayaking, and I was off for some fun on my own on my prone-board.
The forecast had said a light breeze, but it was full on windy out there on the loch. Whipping up big waves that swamped my board and went straight over the top of me! Apart from the occasional ice cream head, I was kept toastie in my Palm kit and had an awesome time!!
2 hours of big water, rain, wind, and finally being chased back to the beach by a snow cloud. What a blast!
Thanks Piotr!!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.