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Loch Tay

July 2014

After completing my first 20km on the 10th, by circling Clunie Loch 8 times, I had planned to do another 20km, this time with only one turn.  10km up, and 10km down Loch Tay.  But as Robert Burns wrote, “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men”…
With an 8mph head wind and waves of 1½ -2 feet, my 20km plans looked unlikely.  Just getting out of the Kenmore bay was tough enough, having to kneel down as the water was too lumpy to stand up on.  Once out of the bay, and beyond the moored boats, I was able to stand up and paddled up the loch for 2 hours, before turning back and heading home.  Not knowing if I had managed my 20km, I then had a play around near the bay, paddling out to the island a couple of times, and across the loch to get some more distance in.
The paddle had been extremely tough, with the wind trying to force me back to Kenmore.  I think I probably ended up kneeling down to paddle for 1 or 2km.  The good news was that after 4 hours on the water, I managed to clock up almost 25km!  A super happy SUPer chappy!


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