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Loch Tummel, Scotland

February 2017

Wow, where did that come from!?!
The forecast was winds of 1-2mph, light cloud with sunny intervals, and NO rain.  Aye right!
The paddle started well.  Within 15 minutes my cap was off and 10 minutes after that so was my Seti waffle top.  (If it carries on like this I’ll soon be topless!)  Fortunately for the local population, (mainly geese), the weather stepped in.
40 minutes into my 3 hour paddle, the cloud dropped and a wee bit of rain started.  20 minutes later that wee bit of rain was getting heavy; time to get my cag on.
By the time I reached Pablos’ Hideaway, (half way point), the weather had gone wild! 
The forecasted 1-2mph winds were now topping 20mph, and every time I took my paddle out of the water, the board stopped moving forward.
The waves were crashing over my board, almost wiping me out.  I thought it might be safer to kneel down and paddle, but could hear Jason Sawyers’ words in my head – “it’s not called kneel down paddle-boarding”!
The rain had now turned to sleet, and I was getting “ice cream face” from where it was pounding my only exposed skin.
After 30 minutes of this crazy weather, things calmed down, with the wind dropping to single figures, and for my last 15 minutes I had that 1-2mph wind.
It took a while for my fingers, (in gloves), and my toes, (in 6mm booties), to come back to life.
A great day to test my kit, (thanks Palm), and my skills, (very much still a work in progress!!)


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.