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Loch Tummel, Scotland

March 2017

After a couple of weeks off training, due to a wee cold, I thought I’d get back up to Tummel for a short paddle, between gales.
As you can see, my put-in point was nice and sheltered, but around the corner it wasn’t quite so.
Whilst I was out battling the winds, Stumpy was enjoying the hills!
I was told that I am frowning in these pics.  It’s not really a frown, I’m just trying to work out if I’m 20 metres from shore or 200 metres.  It turned out that I was only 2!  Doh!
It was also a great chance to try out my new Palm Vantage cag which was excellent.  It may be lightweight, but it kept me dry and warm when the weather got unpleasant, which it did several times on this paddle.


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