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Prone – Broughty Ferry, Scotland.

May 2019

Wow! How can we possibly top today?
With a strong easterly wind, (force 4-5), and a 1+ metre high swell, and the appearance of 5 pods of dolphins, (including a baby), in the Tay estuary, it’s going to be hard to beat.
Today was all about dealing with big water. (1 metre may not sound that big, but when you’re lying on a prone-board, just a few centimetres above the water, 1m seems pretty massive!) I had several waves roll over me, and only break when they were half way down my board. Fortunately I was wearing my Mistral cag, and had sealed up the neck and cuffs, so the water just ran over me.
I was out again with Piotr, (Outdoor Explore), and we were joined by Stuart and Willie who wanted to improve their sea kayaking skills. Today was a great day to do it.
At about 30 minutes from the end of the trip, we were making our way back out of the estuary, and were level with Broughty Ferry Castle. It was then that the dolphins started to appear. As the kayakers slowed down to enjoy the sight, I had my head down, paddling like a mad man, trying to make my way through the waves. (There was no point in me looking for dolphins, as the only way I was likely to see one is if it climbed on my board and gave me a big wet kiss!)
20 minutes after this had all started, Piotr told me I was still paddling in exactly the same spot. I needed to get a sprint on if I wanted to get around the corner and not be washed back down the Tay to Perth. (20 minutes on a very lumpy treadmill.)
Piotr described the conditions as “rough, tough, and steady”. This was certainly a challenging trip on my proneboard, but one I’m going to remember for a very long time.
Sorry no action photos, or pics of dolphins. Too many other things to do.


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