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Prone – Wormit, Scotland

August 2022

Danny had warned me that the first part of the paddle would feel like I was on a treadmill, and he was right!
As we left the bay and headed upstream, we were paddling against the outgoing tide of around 4kmph. This meant, that although I was working as hard as I could, walkers on the shore were overtaking me!

In the video, it looks like I’m doing OK. The truth is that I was hardly moving, but Danny, who had stopped paddling to take the footage, was flying backwards with the tide!!
After almost 2 hours, we’d only done 8k, and it was time to paddle back. With the help of the tide, we covered this distance in around 45 minutes, clocking up a mighty 10kmph for the first 3k!
As predicted, when we got back the tide was out, and this meant a nice wade through knee high mud, by the famous Tay Rail Bridge. I’m glad to say, that after this mud treatment, my legs, (below the knees), look silky smooth and at least 10 years younger than the rest of me. But the smell!!
Thanks again to Danny for another great paddle, (workout), and the pics and vid.


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