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Loch Tummel, (aka Loch Wind Tunnel), Scotland

July 2017

Crikey, what a blast!!
I normally check the BBC weather forecast for Pitlochry, then either add 50% or double to the predicted wind.  Today was a double plus!
With a forecasted wind of 11kmph, when I arrived it was definitely above 20, with gusts of over 30!  (In these gusts all I could do was try to keep the board pointing forward, as we went backwards, at speed, waiting for the gust to stop.)
The waves at one point were over 2ft, and whilst riding my 14’ board on 2 waves at once, I actually couldn’t reach the water in the trough below the board.  (I tried twice, but decided to concentrate on my balance, and prepare for when the board fell off the waves).
Unfortunately, on my last circuit, where I had decided I was going to push my skill level, and no doubt fall in, the waves dropped dramatically.  (See photos.)
An awesome day on the wonderful Loch Tummel!



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