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2022 Blog

  • Prone – Loch Lomond, Scotland
    Rough, but buckets of fun!!! Today was one of those special days on the water. I was out with the Loch Lomond SUP monster that is Niall Colquhoun. As he lives on the shores of the loch, and paddles all year round, his knowledge of where to go and where to avoid in bad weather is unbeatable. Today he took me into the […]
  • Bike (GNT) – River Moriston to top of hill (heading north), Scotland
    Today was Day 4 and ride 5 of our short trip north on the Great North Trail. This was our final hill climb of this trip, (5.5km to the top of the hill), which joined up the larger section we’ve been doing over the last few months from Innerwick to the Eskadale road. Approximately 164km. Although we’d just biked 80kms, over […]
  • Bike (GNT) – Plodda Falls to the Eskadale road (heading north), Scotland
    After the last couple of days, riding up some very steep hills, on rocky, rough paths, today we took it easy with a ride along the tarmac road, picking up provisions in Cannich en route. A leisurely ride, at a leisurely pace. #BLINDRIDER GNT (one way) kms: 10.26 Total (round trip) kms: 25.7 […]
  • Bike (GNT) – Plodda Falls to top of hill (heading south), Scotland
    Up, up, and a little more up. Starting at Plodda Falls we biked 800m to the Great North Trail, along a nice smooth tarmac road going slightly downhill. (Make the most of it, because the next 8km would be UP!) After 3km of climbing, (and occasionally walking), we met a very friendly couple of walkers who told us the path […]
  • Bike (GNT) – River Moriston to top of hill (heading south), Scotland
    P.M. After parking up by a bridge over the River Moriston, we cycled a few hundred metres along the main road, before turning left into the woods. The path here was really good, and relatively easy for me to follow, so I took the lead. After 5 minutes on this big track, we turned left and the big clear track, became a […]
  • Bike (GNT) – Fort Augustus to top of hill (heading west), Scotland
    A.M. As this was Day 1 of 4, and we had Molly on this section, we decided to take it easy. That was until we entered the woods – zig zag, up and up! After a couple of kms of steep climbing, the trees started to thin out and we came across a wee burn. An ideal spot for Molly to get a drink and have a paddle, while Rho and I […]

2022 Blog ARCHIVE:

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  • 30 Jan 2022 - Bike (GNT) - Wee Hoose to Corrieyairack Pass, Scotland
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  • 23 Jan 2022 - Prone - Clunie Loch, Scotland
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  • 06 Jan 2022 - Bike - Clunie Village, Scotland

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