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Bike (GNT) – Fort Augustus to top of hill (heading west), Scotland

May 2022


As this was Day 1 of 4, and we had Molly on this section, we decided to take it easy. That was until we entered the woods – zig zag, up and up!
After a couple of kms of steep climbing, the trees started to thin out and we came across a wee burn. An ideal spot for Molly to get a drink and have a paddle, while Rho and I took a break, before continuing up and up.
Another few hundred metres and we were out of the trees and on to the more exposed bare moorland, and a very welcome bit of wind.
Although the steepness lessened, we were still climbing, and at just under 6km, we hit the top of the hill. The perfect marker for our trip up from the other side.
From here we turned around, and enjoyed the almost 6k free-wheel, back down the hill, giving our legs a well-earned break!
Just to prove to us how fit she is, on the way back down Molly met another young dog and the pair played tag up and down the hill!  (Too much energy!)
At FA, we loaded up the van, had a spot of lunch, and then headed off to the other side of the hill, to start all over again.
(The GPS thingie failed to work for the first few hundred metres, hence my figures and the ones on the image being slightly different.)

GNT (one way) kms: 5.94
Total (round trip) kms: 11.88


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.