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2020 Blog

Prone – Loch Tay, Scotland

17th December 2020

A great session out on a very flat Loch Tay, (possibly the flattest I’ve ever seen it). Niall on his SUP, Gordon in his kayak, and me on my proneboard. A little bit of sunshine, Read more…

Prone – Clunie Loch, Scotland

29th November 2020

A nice wee prone/SUP with the boss, (all layered up after her skins swim.)  Clunie looking wonderful on this beautiful, crisp, Winter’s day.  Who needs the Med when you’ve got this!
Thanks to Melanie Chadd for the photos. Read more…

Prone – Loch Tummel, Scotland

21st November 2020

The calm before the storm, (literally!)

The forecast had been for up to 15mph winds, but as I set off the wind was almost zero.

5 minutes after these pics were taken, the wind increased, Read more…

Prone – Loch Tay, Scotland

15th November 2020

A socially distanced social paddle on Loch Tay, with Gordon, Niall, Piotr, and myself.  It’s the first time the team have all met eachother, so we just had a gentle paddle, saying hello, checking how our crafts work, Read more…

Prone – Clunie Loch, Scotland

12th November 2020

A tough one toady.  I was bombing along for the first hour and three quarters, then I hit a wall, with my speed dropping dramatically, and struggling to keep moving.  Lesson learned was that I need to take on fuel every hour.  Read more…

Prone – Clunie Loch, Scotland

10th November 2020



After doing a longer prone a couple of days ago, I decided that this was going to be a short 4km sprint session.  It turns out that my sprint speed is pretty much the same as my normal speed.  Read more…

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