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2020 Blog

Bike/Prone – Loch Arkaig, Scotland

29th August 2020

Another crackin’ AA meeting, (Allistair & Alison)! Lots of pedaling, paddling, and pronig, along with a wee bit of red, red wine. Thanks guys, awesome as always! Read more…

Hydrospeeding – River Isla, Scotland

24th August 2020

A great morning out with Rhona hydrospeeding down the River Isla, but wow, it was hard work!  It’s surprising how quickly you lose your fitness.  I’m sure it wasn’t that hard the last time we were on our hydrospeeds,

Read more…

AcroYoga – Up north, Scotland

20th August 2020

A wee bit of Acroyoga whilst up north. Some moves more successful than others. Even managing to put Stumpy in the box!
The last picture was taken on our last night, where the locals, (midges), must have really enjoyed the show, Read more…

Swimming – Clunie Loch-down Challenge, Scotland

24th July 2020

Last year, as part of my training for the Big 2019 Challenge, (which was blown out due to some big storms), I had been doing some open water swim training. On a couple of occasions, I managed to knock out 5km. Read more…

Prone / Wing – Loch Rannoch, Scotland

27th February 2020

I finally got it up and it was AWESOME!
A couple of months ago Allistair loaned me his small inflatable Gong wing. Due to either lack of wind, or too much wind with Storms Dennis, Ethel, and Co, Read more…

Prone – Loch Tummel, Scotland

13th February 2020

This was my first time back on a prone-board in almost 6 months. A combination of wintery conditions – ice on the edge of the loch, snow on the hills, and air temperature of 2 degrees – and lack of prone board fitness, Read more…

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  • 18 Jan 2020 - Mountain biking – Aviemore, Scotland

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