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Prone – Beadnell Bay, Northumberland, England

May 2022

The Beadnell Beta, what a brilliant event, run by GBSUP in partnership with Northern SUP Race Club.
The main event was split into 2 categories. The “technical”, (big boys & girls racers), did 5 circuits, and the “challenge”, (including Rhona & me), did 3.
The 1.5km (approx.), circuits meant that everyone got the best and the worst of the wind and waves. The SUPers had the benefits of the tailwind, but then had to battle against the headwinds in the opposite direction. Whereas those of us on prone boards, (James, Allistair, and me), were much less affected by the wind in either direction!!
Thanks to Allistair and Alison for guiding me around the course, and to Piotr Kadziel of Blue Chip SUP Scotland for the land based pics, and Michael Fawcus for the “on the water” action shots.
Also, thanks to everyone involved at the Beadnell Beta! Hopefully Rho and I will be back next time, and maybe we’ll join the big boys and girls in the technical race!!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.