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Bike (GNT) – River Moriston to top of hill (heading north), Scotland

May 2022

Today was Day 4 and ride 5 of our short trip north on the Great North Trail.
This was our final hill climb of this trip, (5.5km to the top of the hill), which joined up the larger section we’ve been doing over the last few months from Innerwick to the Eskadale road. Approximately 164km.
Although we’d just biked 80kms, over the last 4 days, to get 37 GNT kms, the trip had been a huge success for us. With only one fall as I came down hill today. Fortunately I landed well, with no injuries, but sadly the bike wasn’t so lucky. When we got home, Rho found that I’d bent a cog on the back wheel, knackered the bearings, and slightly buckled the front wheel. (Buckled front wheels come with the territory when you’re a blind rider, as I tend to pick a line, and if there is anything in front of me, I hit it. (If I had a £ for every wheel I’ve buckled, I could almost afford a gallon of petrol!)
Saying all of that, I’d still much rather mountain bike in the hills than walk, after all, you don’t get any free rides when walking down a hill!

GNT (one way) kms: 5.52
Total (round trip) kms: 11.04


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