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Bike (GNT) – Plodda Falls to top of hill (heading south), Scotland

May 2022

Up, up, and a little more up.
Starting at Plodda Falls we biked 800m to the Great North Trail, along a nice smooth tarmac road going slightly downhill. (Make the most of it, because the next 8km would be UP!)
After 3km of climbing, (and occasionally walking), we met a very friendly couple of walkers who told us the path levelled out just around the corner. However, when we reached that corner, we discovered the flat route went left, but the GNT went straight on, up another hill!!!
Although the climbing was tough, it was fantastic to be out in the wilds.
Near the top, we stopped to refuel by a big loch, before the final push up to the top.
Out of the 8.25km to the top, almost 8km of it was uphill! There was a few bike/hike sections, but the trip back down was amazing!

GNT (one way) kms: 8.23
Total (round trip) kms: 18.07


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