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Bike (GNT) – Friden Brickworks Car Park to Calton Hill Landfill Site, England

June 2022

On our way back up north, we took on another little bit of the southern end of the Great North Trail, starting at the exotic location of the Friden Brickworks Car Park, where we finished our last trip in the area back in November.
This route was super “Dean friendly”, with wide, clear, lightly gravelled paths, which contrasted with the darker path edge. Starting at 8am on a Sunday morning, we pretty much had the route to ourselves, passing only a couple of dog walkers. As we had left Molly in the van, our time was limited, and it was a case of see how far we could get before it was time to turn around to head back to her.
As the route was so good we managed to do just over 14kms, before we started looking for an obvious turning point. With just a few minutes to go, the clear path ran out and we had a short technical downhill to the Calton Hill Landfill site.
At the bottom of the hill, we turned around and had a hard, but enjoyable uphill section back to the main big path, and then a speedy return to Molly.
A fab section of the route, if not the most enticing title – Friden Brickwork Car Park to Calton Hill Landfill Site. All the beauty spots are here!!


GNT (one way) kms: 14.22
Total (round trip) kms: 28.44


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