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Prone – Clunie Loch, Scotland

April 2022

We’ve created a monster!
Today was the 1st time the 3 of us, (Lindsay, Piotr, & me), had proned together – the Blairgowrie Prone Club. It was also only Piotr’s 3rd prone ever. I’d taught him the basics of lying down proning, leaving the kneeling for Lindsay. Today Piotr was up on his knees for the 1st time, and wow! We’ve got a big challenge planned for August, and at this rate, Piotr will be leading the way!
I’m back on my yellow iProne, while I wait for Commander Stumpy to be repaired, and it was hard work keeping up with the other 2!
Thanks to Piotr K (Blue Chip Scotland), for the pics.


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.