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Prone – Lochwinnoch Loop, Scotland

August 2022

Thanks so much to Clyde Windsurfing and SUP Club for letting me join in their 5km SUP race. Not only did they let me join in, but the organisers also talked me through the route, before then taking me out in the safety boat before the race and taking me around the route, describing each bend, what to watch out for, etc. 

And to cap it off, all the competitors had to wear yellow vests. Coincidentally, yellow is one of the very few colours I can actually see, so during the race I would just scan ahead for a splash of yellow, then chase it!
Starting with a tailwind, a lot of SUPers shot off down the course, with me trying to keep up with them, but on the way back up, the headwind caused them problems, but just meant cooling waves for me, so I managed to pick off a few paddlers, coming 5th, after a hard last couple of hundred metres, trying to catch Alison,

(but failing).
Rhona also took part, and came 11th overall, and 2nd in her age category. Well done Rho!!
Thanks Angela, Martin, and the team for a fab event, and also to Marcelo who shouted directions, (and encouragement), from the safety boat!!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.