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Bike – Enochdhu, Scotland

April 2024

A great day biking in the hills with my 2 favourite lassies – Rhona and Molly. The weather was dry, but incredibly windy. With strong headwinds meaning we still needed to pedal downhill, side winds blowing us off some of the narrower paths, but the joy of occasionally being blown uphill on the return trip.
We’ve not done this route for over 5 years, so was quite challenging in places. Molly is also still getting used to being out with the bikes, but she did really well, setting the pace, staying close, and even, (as the last pic shows), staying cool when a large flock of sheep were shepherded up the road, right past us.
Although we had to do a couple of short walks, I’m sure this route would be a stroll in the park for the awesome junior mountain bike brother and sister team Harry and Lucy Sawyer. (We’re very proud godparents.) Next time they’re up, they can do two laps while us oldies will just do the one!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.