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Bike (GNT) – Innerwick to Lochan Learg Nan Lunn, Scotland

June 2023

There was heavy rain forecast for today, so our plan was to get as far as we could on this Great North Trail section before having to turn around. (Also, I’ve had an enforced lay-off from paddling due to a neck injury, so thought this route, all on tarmac, would be a gentler way back into exercise.)
We started at Innerwick and cycled approximately 19km towards Loch Lyon. Passing rivers, lochs, mountains, and Highland coos. Although there was a headwind all the way, this meant that there were no midges!!
There were quite a few ups and downs along the road, but nothing like when we turned off just before Loch Lyon. This was a proper hill.
For almost 30 minutes, Rhona and I hardly said a word to each other, as we had our heads down, willing ourselves to the top. Just around the next bend. OK, maybe the next bend, or maybe the one after that.
After almost 2km we reached the top of the hill and now looked down on the wee Lochan Learg Nan Lunn, which sits 500m above Loch Lyon, where we had turned off the main road less than 30 minutes ago.
The storm clouds were gathering, and we needed to find an obvious landmark for our next trip from the other direction.
After 5 minutes and a slight descent, we came across a big metal gate, and decided this would be a perfect place to stop, fuel up, and wrap up, before turning around and heading back to Innerwick.
The trip up the hill had taken us 27 minutes. The trip back down was less than 8, (and this was with the brakes on!)
Although we got a tad wet, it was a great day to be out with the missus!

GNT (one way) kms: 21.75
Total (round trip) kms: 43.5


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