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Bufones de Pria, Asturias, Spain

June 2017

Pablo describes this stretch of coastline as “if dragons existed, this is where they would live”. With the dramatic cliffs and sea caves you can understand what he means, but today in a fog that remained throughout our 3.5 hour paddle, it seemed even more likely.
We were out with Hugo (Escuela Asturiana de Surf) and some of his clients, as well as Iván who was trying out his new Red Paddle 14×25. (Todays’ conditions certainly made it very challenging on such a narrow board.)
After lunch Pablo and I hit the sea again for another couple of hours, where Rhona took the pics of us in the caves. (Getting inside them was rather tricky due to a good size swell.)


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.