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May 2015

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my old cag was due for replacing.  The very kind people at Palm Equipment Europe not only gave me a new Palm Mistral cag, but supplied me with ¾ length trousers, shorts, and several tops!!  So now when I am on the water, I will be fully “Palm’ed up”!  Thanks Palm!
Today I had a wee paddle on Clunie, and I was extremely grateful for the new kit.  The water at the other end of the loch was all messed up, with waves crashing in from several different directions.  At one point I thought I was fighting against a current that was pulling me backwards.  As I can’t see the shore, and can only just see the water either side of my board, I had no fixed landmarks to mark my position.  I could see large Lilly leaves speeding past me, from bow to stern, but I couldn’t actually see the water move.  I paddled like a demon for 3 or 4 minutes, sprinting as hard as I could.  It was only after these few minutes that I realised I was just about to collide with the shore.  I think I must have been riding on a wave, hence not seeing the water below me move.  It was either that, or the Clunie monster was at it, again!
I was on the water for 3 hours and during that time I had hail, rain, sunshine, and a constant strong wind.  (As there was no snow, I’m guessing we must be into Scottish Summertime now!) 
Thanks to my new Palm Mistral cag, Kaituna Capri trousers and Itunda rash vest, I was kept cosy and was able to loosen the neck and cuffs of my cag before overheating!! 


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.