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Clunie Loch

April 2015

I’ve just been out for a cracking wee paddle.  Clunie is only a wee loch, (900m at it’s widest point), so doesn’t tend to get too lumpy.  However, today was a different story. 
When we arrived it was raining, extremely windy, and the loch was very bumpy.  A combination of the wind and the waves made each crossing tougher than the last.  It normally takes me around 7 minutes to cross from one side of the loch to the other.  But today, whilst paddling into the waves one of my crossings took almost 20 minutes!  It got so tough that I even considered kneeling down, just to get through it, but then I remembered what a wise man once said to me.  (For “wise man” see Jason Sawyer.  Well, wiser than me anyway!)  This sport is called “stand up paddle-boarding”, not “kneel down paddle-boarding”.  With these words booming in my head, I stayed standing and eventually made it across.
It was only once I finished the paddle and took my cag off that I realised how hard I had been working.  Steam rose from my very wet rash t-shirt, and I was absolutely soaking with sweat.  My Nookie kayak cag is great for touring, but unfortunately it doesn’t breathe.  So after a hard couple of hours paddling like today, it is wetter on the inside than it is on the outside.  If any company out there would like to sponsor the Blind Man with a tough, breathable cag, please get in touch! 


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.