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Clunie Loch

March 2015

At last, Clunie Loch has thawed!!  Today I managed to get my first paddle in for 2015.  Not only was it my first paddle this year, but it was my first paddle on my new Red Paddle Race board.  It’s a cracking board, and sliced through the ice-free water.  (Although the loch had thawed, it was still bloomin’ cold, with a water temperature of around 5 degrees Celsius, and an air temperature only a degree or so warmer.)
Now that we have 2 boards, the Red Paddle and the Coreban, Rhona and I can get out on the water together.  We had a couple of races, and I discovered that I either need to work harder on my speed, or I need to get a slower wife!
2015 is shaping up to be a very busy SUP year for me, with several challenges coming up over the next 4 months.  I will let you know as they are confirmed, but can tell you that the first one looks like it will be a 20km sea paddle off the west coast of Scotland at the end of May.  This will be a great warm up for a much bigger paddle at the end of June.  There is also talk of an even bigger paddle in August. 
As they say, “watch this space”!  


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.