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Clunie Loch

July 2014

This morning Carl Sawyer set down a challenge.  We are both in training for our big paddle at the beginning of October, but neither of us have managed to knock out a 20km paddle in one go.  (I managed to do 12km on Sunday before having to safety SUP for the swimmers, and then went on to do another 8km afterwards.)   So, the challenge was to get our first 20km done by the end of the weekend. 
Todays’ plan was to do another 10-12km SUP at Clunie Loch.  Clunie is a small loch, and each circuit is between 2.3 and 2.5km, depending on how many fisherman, swimmers, etc, are using the loch.  The plan was to try and get 4 or 5 circuits in before Rhona and Julie were set to swim.  At this point I have to stop doing my own thing and take on the role of safety SUPer for the swimmers.  Unfortunately for Rho, and fortunately for me, Rho had a crazy day at work, and by the time she arrived I had squeezed out 8 circuits of the loch – approximately 19-20km plus one quick paddle down to the island and back, approximately 1.2km.  Unfortunately the extreme heat seems to have killed off my Satmap, which I use for measuring each paddle, as well as almost doing me in.  On my 8th circuit I hit a submerged branch and went for a swim.  Surprisingly the cold water gave me a big boost, and I was able to complete the circuit and trip to the island much easier than the 6th and 7th circuit.
So Carl, challenge met.  Now it’s your turn! 


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.