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Clunie Loch, Scotland – prone

October 2018

Pronetober continues! 
To rest my foot, I thought I’d lie down and take it easy this month. But it turns out that prone-boarding is not that relaxing!!
After a hard training session on Clunie on Saturday, I was able to take a more leisurely pace with Rhona and friends Annabelle, Mandy, Esther, on Sunday. Well, easy until Rho challenged me to a race – her on SUP and me on prone – which soon left me splashing around in her wake!
Mandy was an absolute star with not only having her 1st proper go at SUP, but followed that with an 800m swim in Clunie, before jumping on the prone-board to have her 1st ever go at that too!! Go Mandy!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.