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Clunie Loch, Scotland – prone

September 2018

After getting Plantar Fasciitis and a tendon strain during the 11 City non-stop event, my physio has advised me to keep off my feet until it is fully healed. So, what could I do?
A couple of years ago I got a Palm Kaituna long sleeve neoprene top. Although it was a fantastic piece of kit, I found it too warm to use whilst SUPing. But now I’m off my feet for a wee while, I thought I’d get the prone board out at the weekend, but what could I wear on a chilly autumnal day in Scotland? Of course, the Kaituna!
It was perfect!! The flexible Neo-Flex material, with a cosy fit did the job. The water may have been cold, but I was not, (even when paddling in the rougher part of the loch with some waves splashing right over me!)
(OK, so it’s not strictly “SUP”, but until my foot injury heals, it’s the closest I’m going to get to SUP for now, so it will do for the “SUP Blog”.)


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