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Gdansk to the Baltic Sea

July 2017

The plan was to paddle between 20 and 40k on Poland’s longest and largest river, the Vistula, (over 1,000km long).

With the help from Szymon, ( from Swiat z Kajaka), Piotr sorted a route that would take us from the basin to the Baltic Sea.

The paddling was tough, with a 12-20kmph head/cross wind for the first 15km. To add to the fun, I paddled into a fishing line. The first thing I knew was when I felt the line run across my shins, and somebody shouting from the bank above me. All I could do was reply with some of the few Polish words I knew – “excuse me” and “blind”.

Piotr had stopped to sort his kit out a few minutes earlier, and by the time he saw what was happening it was too late. His warning shouts were lost in the wind and he ended up sprinting up in his kayak to explain to the fisherman.

After reaching the 15km mark, we turned around and then headed down to the Baltic Sea, (which surprisingly wasn’t very “Baltic” at all!) Here we waited for 10 minutes for a safe chance to cross the river mouth, before returning up the opposite shore. (“River right” was the rules.) The crossing was done at high speed between boats!

From here it was back to the basin with an almost negligible tailwind.

The final distance was a little over 34k.


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.