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Great North Trail Blog intro

August 2021

Welcome to my Great North Trail blog.

The Great North Trail is a long-distance off-road trail from the Peak District to Cape Wrath or John o’ Groats, covering a distance of 825 miles, (1327.71km).

Over the next 12 months, or so, Rhona and I plan to see how much of this route, (in no particular order), can be done by a blind guy and his guide #BLINDRIDER #GUIDERIDER

As we only have the 1 vehicle, the majority of the route will have to be done “there and back”, meaning that by the time we finish, we may well have done almost double the distance.

Follow our progress below, and maybe we’ll bump into you, (not literally, I hope), along the way.


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.