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Lake Windermere

June 2015

The Windermere Summer Solstice Lake Race is an exciting event held on England’s longest lake, at the heart of the beautiful Lake District National Park.  And today I got to come along and play!

Along with my guide for the day, Jamie Harman from Red Paddle, I had a go at the 10.5 mile “Long Course”.  As I was using this as training for my big SUP, (4 days later), I was going to be a completitor not a competitor.  (To be honest, even if I hadn’t been in training, I wouldn’t have gone much faster.)  I normally paddle at a steady speed of 4 miles an hour.  So working on that, 10.5 miles should take me 2:37:30.  Our actual time was 2:34:32, so pretty much on target.

With wind, rain, and occasional fog, the race had everything you’d expect for a British “Summer” event!
I met some great people there and hope to meet them again soon.

A huge thanks go to Jamie for being a fantastic, (and very patient), guide.  I only hope he didn’t get too cold waiting around for me!?!
The rules stated that all paddlers had to wear a buoyancy aid.  I have a couple of old ones, but they tend to get in the way when paddling.  So a big thanks to Palm Equipment Europe who gave me a great new PFD for SUPing. 


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.