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Loch Maree, Scotland

May 2018

Loch Awe has always been my favourite loch, but after our first visit here, Loch Maree is now a close 2nd.
They say it is all about timing, and we timed it just right.
Hitting the water just after 8am, we spent 3 hours paddling up the loch exploring the islands, and fishing Stumpy out of the water and back up onto the board.
We then dropped her off at the van and had another couple of hours paddling in the other direction.
The water remained glassy calm for most of the time, which was great for Rhona to practise on the skinnier board. (14×26 Red Paddle Elite, which she will probably be using on the Windermere paddle in June, and on the last day of the 11 City in the Netherlands in SUPtember.) However, as we headed back to the van, the wind picked up and conditions became more challenging with a head wind of around 8mph, and gusts of 15+, which in turn created some decent waves. I’m glad to say, (but not in the least surprised), that Rho just got her head down and got on with the job in hand. Just one of the many reasons I love her.
Loch Maree, you’re an awesome bit of water, and I have no doubt that we will be back very soon!


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