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Loch Tay

March 2016

The plan was for a 23km downwind paddle on Loch Tay.  The previous evenings’ weather forecast said the wind would be blowing from Kilin to Kenmore.  As we drove along the north shore towards Kilin, there was very little wind.  However, by the time I launched, the wind had really picked up, but it was going in the wrong direction.  I now had a head wind of 20+mph. 
After just a few minutes of paddling, I decided this was not going to happen.
As we drove back along the north shore, Rhona said there were some big waves, and lots of white horses, but all in the wrong direction.
As I don’t really know my way around the Kilin end of the loch, and downwinder finishing there would not be a good idea this blind man.
Blow out! 


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