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Loch Tay

July 2015

Loch Tay, you beauty.
I’ve just had one of the best inland SUPs ever!!  After paddling for 20 minutes with a slight (10mph), tailwind, I met Matt from Surf In Scotland on his windsurf.  I told him that I wanted to get some downwind training in, and he said I was getting it.  I told him I wanted something a bit bigger, and sure enough, 20 minutes later Loch Tay gave me it! 
I played around with it for 20-30 minutes, catching some waves I had planned to, and a few I hadn’t.  It was an absolute blast.
It took me 45 minutes to get to the playground, and then 2 hours to get back.  I must have looked like I was struggling, as a wee motor boat came over and asked if I needed a lift.  No thanks, I’m having a ball.
What a fab day, and all I can say is “Loch Tay, you beauty!!” 


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