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Loch Tay

July 2014

Today, after almost 5 hours on the water, I am very proud to say that according to all of my research, I have just become the first registered blind person to SUP the full length of Loch Tay.  The official length of Loch Tay is 23.42km, but that is in a straight line down the middle of the loch.  I can assure you I did not paddle down the middle.  Not only did I do the first blind paddle, but I did it without a guide.  For ALL of my previous BIG adventures, e.g. sea kayaking in the Hebs, swimming the Corryvreckan, aquaseiling the UK’s highest waterfall, canyoning down Sa Fosca, etc, etc, I have had at least one guide.  But not on Loch Tay.  I said goodbye to Rhona at Kilin, and then passed her on a beach about 4km from the end at Kenmore.  With cross winds, and a few close calls, it was a tough but amazing trip. 
A full write up with video will hopefully go online at the weekend, when I will be taking on my next SUP challenge!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.