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Loch Tay (double)

June 2015

As part of my trainng for the “Big One”, (hopefully to take place between 22-26 June), I SUPed a double Loch Tay today – Kenmore to Kilin and back to Kenmore.  I thought it was going to be around 50km, but unfortunately my Satmap told me that it was just 45.8km.  Not to worry, the “Big One” should only be around 42km, so around the same distance.
I have played on/in Loch Tay for over 5 years and have never seen it so flat, all the way.  Normally if it is calm at Kenmore, it is lumpy just around the corner, but not today.  Not a ripple and not a breath of wind.  To add to the glory of the day, the sun came out after 3 hours on the water, and rarely went away.  Saying that, there was still snow on some of the hills, and the water was still freezing.  I started my SUP in bare feet, but after just 1 hour the socks went on. 
As I can’t really see where I am going, I sort of zig zagged my way up the loch, (trying to follow the north shore), taking regular fuel breaks.  At one point I could just make out the hill behind Kilin and guesstimated the shore to be around 1 mile away.  I stopped for a fuel break and then started paddling again.  Within 1 minute I hit the shore at the Kilin end.  I must have had my break about 50m from the end of the loch!  Doh!!
My Satmap told me that I was on the water for 7 hours and 20 minutes, and was moving for 7 hours and 4 minutes of that.  A great day!  Anyone up for a quadruple?  

10.10 - heading out from Knemore

10.10 – heading out from Knemore


A lovely June day, (spot the snow on the hills) - photo courtesy of Gordon Brain

A lovely June day, (spot the snow on the hills) – photo courtesy of Gordon Brain


17.25 returning to Kenmore

17.25 returning to Kenmore


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