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Loch Tummel

June 2016

My cross-training nearly got me in trouble today.
As the weather has been so glorious over the past few weeks, I have been doing a bit of “cross-training” when out on my SUP.  I’ll do a good wee paddle until I get too hot, and then I strip off and swim for a short time, whilst towing my board.
Today I did my usual paddle up Loch Tummel, and when I got to Pablo’s Hideaway, I was feeling a tad warm.  When I had paddled up the loch, there had been nobody about.  So, I took off my Glide buoyancy aid, cap and waist pack and entered the water.

I had been swimming for a few hundred metres, when some very nice people from the Loch Tummel Sailing Club popped over to see that I was OK.
A few hundred metres later, they were back.  This time they were telling me that there was a sailing race on today.

“No problem” I said, “when and where” I asked.  “Now, and you’ve just swum into it” was the reply.  Oops!
They were very friendly and advised me to paddle along the south shore, but warned about the weeds, and said if I got into any difficulty, they’d be happy to help.  Very nice people!
I finished the rest of my paddle on my board, and managed to get some nice downwinding done.  I still don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to d/winding, so any tips on what I should do when my board catches a wave, would be much appreciated! 


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