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Loch Tummel, Scotland

July 2018

How come the waves never look as big on the photos as they actually were?
With 20+kmph winds, and gusts of over 30, todays’ paddle on Howlin’ Tummel was a real tester.
At some points it was easier to pull the blade back through the water than push it forward through the air.
These conditions proved to be a great opportunity for me to try and surf the bigger waves. Whilst doing this I learned to high and low brace, (purely by accident). I’m not really sure what I did, but it stopped me from going over!
Rhona had the right idea of keeping out of the bigger waves, but still had a tough paddle on her hands.
We both paddle skinny flat water Red Paddle Co boards, (Rho on a 26” wide, and me on a 25”), so this was a real challenge.
The drive home was a quiet one, as neither of us had much energy left after this 3 hour hard paddle, but we both agreed, that it was also a lot of fun!!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.