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Bike – Blairgowrie, Scotland – The Nokumdoon Tree

January 2019

The Nokumdoon Tree; some say it’s real, and others say it’s just an old wives tale.
Rhona and I had time for a quickie around “Old Brucey”, on this wonderful frosty winter morning.
All was going well as we left the road. I had got through Fiddle-fart without putting my feet down, and was now winging my way through the Narrows, thinking about Rocky End, the tricky exit point, when wham bam, I can fly!!
I was so busy thinking about the exit that I had forgotten about the Nokumdoon Tree, but it had not forgotten about me!
It suddenly leapt forward and smashed into my left shoulder, throwing me backwards off my bike, and sprawling on the frozen ground. Ooops! Who said blind mountain biking was easy!?!
Better not tell my physio about this one, as my left shoulder is one of the several broken body parts we’re trying to rebuild! Hopefully the bruising and swelling will have gone down by my next appointment.


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