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Porto Petro, Mallorca (18th – 25th April, 2015)

April 2015

After a few weeks of chilly paddling in Scotland, we headed off to Mallorca for a bit of sun and SUP.  The temperature was definitely higher, but so was the wind!
I was able to rent a Red Paddle “Fat Boy” SUP, (10½ft x 34in) SUP from a local shop, which to start off with seemed a bit bulky.  However as the week went on, and the wind picked up, I was glad of this wide platform when the water started to pick up to a steady 1 metre swell.  As I have mostly only done loch/lake paddling, I’m still trying to find my feet on the sea.  The board may not have been fast, but it stopped me from falling in, (well apart from once, when the leash also came off, and I had to swim 20 metres, in the big swell with a heavy paddle, to get back to my board.)
It was great to be on the water with the sun on my back! 


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.