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Prone – Beadnell Bay, Northumberland, England

September 2023

What an AMAZING day! The Beadnell Belta, part of the GBSUP and prone national series, hosted by the fun-loving folk at Northern SUP Race Club.
With races starting at 10am, and events going on all the way through to the presentations at 4pm, it was non-stop fun!
With the sun beating down on us, it was hard to believe that we were standing on a beach in the North East of England, playing in the North Sea. It could have been the Med!
There were 3 races – distance, sprint, and technical. And each race had 3 categories – big kids, (12-16), wee kids, (some as young as 6 years old, and so small that they needed a hand getting their boards down the beach), and the adults, (race and challenge).
I took part in the distance race, which was a running start, and then 3 times around the 2.5km course.
I started with Rhona guiding me, but as my shoulders were still pretty trashed after my stint in the North Channel the previous week, my pace was slow. Half way through the first circuit, the distance between Rho and I started to test the Milo comms we were using. Fortunately, at around the same point, I was joined by David and Alice, (see pic no. 5, with 2 paddlers in orange vests going around a buoy), who were out for an easy paddle, and they soon took over the guiding. Thanks you two!
After the race, guide dog Molly and I chilled on the beach, while Rho took part in the sprint and the technical races, doing pretty well for an old bird, (coming 2nd between 2 teenagers!)
It was a fantastic day, and everyone enjoyed the party atmosphere.
Thanks to Michael Fawcus and Trish Palmer for the pics, and to the organisers and loads of volunteers for making it such a brilliant day!
Hopefully see you all again next year!


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