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Prone – Loch Lomond, Scotland

July 2023

The lesson for the day is “listen to the boss”!
As we arrived in Glasgow yesterday afternoon, I realised I’d forgotten my Asthma inhaler. When I told the boss, (Rhona), she suggested we go to a chemist to buy one. But I told her I’d be fine.
This morning, 5 minutes into the race, and having missed my 2 puffs last night, and another 2 this morning, my decision bit me on the bum!
The weather forecast for the race was stormy, so I brought my slower, but more stable prone board to cope with the predicted lumpy water. The forecast turned out to be wrong, and for any other day, my decision for the stable board would have been wrong, but not today. Struggling to get a breath, every few minutes I needed to stop, and either kneel or sit up on the board to get a deep breath.
At around half way, Rhona, who was guiding me, spoke to one of the marshals, (Lorraine), and I was able to borrow her inhaler, which I’m sure helped. Fortunately Lorraine was also there at the end of the race, where she let me have another few, well required, puffs. Thanks so much Lorraine!
Although this wasn’t my finest hour, the event itself was BRILLIANT! With a 5km out and back event, and a 10K race around the islands at Luss, there was something there for everyone. And the atmosphere was amazing!
For years there have been many events south of the border, but not much on this side. This year the number of events have increased, and if you’re a seasoned hardboard paddler, or an inflatable newbie wanting to push yourself a bit further, I’d highly recommend you come along to one of these events! If you’re not having fun, you’re obviously not there!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.