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Prone – Lochwinnoch, Scotland

April 2023

And so it begins, the prone paddleboard invasion of Scotland. (Well, maybe not quite yet.)
I’ve been at this great SUP event twice, and on each occasion I was the only prone paddler. Today there were 4 of us! (That’s two-thirds of the known distance prone boarders in Scotland.)
Amy and Lindsay did their first ever prone event, in the 5k challenge, and James and I did the 10k.
Although I won my division, I came second to the awesome James, (which was expected). But, going by the great pace set by Lindsay and Amy, (who are planning to do the 10k next time), I’m going to have to work a lot harder to stay in the top 2.
The event was run by Clyde Windsurf and SUP Club, as part of the GBSUP race series, and there was a full range of paddlers, from newbies to elite.
The Lochwinnoch events are always a lot of fun both on the water and off, with a great inclusive atmosphere. If you’re new to SUP, (or prone), or an old hand, get yourself along to the next one!
Thanks to Martin, Angela, Rohan, Kate, Sabrina, and all the other volunteers who make the Lochwinnoch events so much fun!!
And a special thanks to Martin and Rhona for their much appreciated guidance. Without their help, I might still be on the loch now!


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.