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Prone – Broughty Ferry, Scotland.

May 2019

Today I had my first go at proneboarding on the sea. Piotr, from Outdoor Explore, invited me to join him and Marli of Perth City Tours, (guided tours), at Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, where the mighty Tay meets the sea. Piotr said it was going to be a calm day, and he was spot on!
It was a great, and in places tough trip. We took our time, stopping at times for Piotr to explain what was happening in the water, as the incoming tide clashed with the outgoing flow of the river. (The River Tay has the biggest movement of water in the UK, kicking out more than the Severn and the Thames combined.)
Covering just over 7km in 2 hours, we hit sections were it was like being on a treadmill, and I struggled to stop myself going backwards, and on other sections where the tide helped us. Our max speed on one small section was just over 16kmph!
An awesome day on the water!



These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.