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Kerrera, west coast of Scotland

May 2015

The trouble with having adventurous friends is that they tend to have adventurous ideas.  Last year Rhona and I met up with our friends Patrick and Cathy Winterton for a wee paddle – see blog entry “17th November 2014 – Loch Ba”.
Whilst sitting in the pub afterwards, Cathy told me that she had hoped to SUP around Kerrera, (a wee island off the coast of Oban).  The total paddle would be around 20km, but unfortunately she hadn’t found the time to do it.  I told her if she fancied doing it in 2015, I’d love to join her. 
Well, we did it today.  It was in pretty crap conditions, with an extremely strong head wind for the first 3 hours, which at one point had us paddling on the same spot for 5 minutes.  Then as we went around the south of the island, the head wind became a mighty side wind. 
The trip was extremely tough, and unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures from where things were worst. 
The whole paddle took just under 6 hours, and you can read al about it HERE.
Here are some great pics that Patrick took as he, Rhona and Faraid, (Cathy and Patrick’s daughter), biked and hiked their way around the island, trying to keep an eye on us. 


These sponsors have been a tremendous help in supplying kit and support for my challenges.