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Loch Awe, Scotland

December 2015

That AWEsome SUPin’ Loch
Over the years, Rhona and I have visited Kilchurn Castle, on Loch Awe, (Scotland’s longest freshwater loch), many, many times.  The last 2 times I have had my board with me, but the weather and the water had just been too rough for my limited skills.
This time I was ready, and either Loch Awe was going to get SUPed, or I was!
Setting off, from Torran Bay, just before daybreak, on my own, I knew this was not going to be an easy paddle, and I was absolutely SUPin’ right!
With SUP off big winds, and around 40km ahead of me, I thought this would be a great chance to brush up on my almost non-existent down-wind skills.  Nah, “hold on tight and try not to fall over the SUpin’ edge” is what I learned.

This was probably the most exhilarating paddle I have ever done, (without a sighted guide).  I paddled in the strongest winds and biggest waves I had ever done on my own.  Then whilst paddling through a sleet/hail storm, I mistook an island of trees for Kilchurn Castle.  Thinking I was at the end of the loch, I paddled into the wrong bay and was washed up into some SUPin’ sharp thorn bushes.  After a quick root around, I discovered my error and I battled back up the loch, found the right route and eventually made my way down to the castle. 
This paddle took me around 6.5 hours, but had I not gone into the wrong bay, I’m sure I would have done it in well under 6 hours. 
I’d be really interested to hear from others who have done this trip already.
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