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Bike (GNT) – Kilin to gate below Lochan Learg Nan Lunn, Scotland

April 2024

After yesterday’s leisurely 26km paddle and pedal, today’s 31km bike ride was set to be a tad more challenging.
Today, our aim was to plug the gap between our 25th of June 2023, (Innerwick to Lochan Learg Nan Lunn), and 18th of April 2022, (Kilin to Big Rock), Great North Trail bike rides.
The majority of the ride from Kilin to the bottom of the hill, (approx. 14km), was on a wonderfully tarmacked road and relatively flat. (That is “relative” to the rather steep hill that we took when the tarmac road ran out.) From here we went through a large gate and  it was only about 1km to the gate, but it was all uphill, and an ascent of around 300m.
More than once I was tempted to get off and walk up this road that seemed to disintegrate as we biked up it. The views, I’m sure, were stunning, but all I was watching was Rhona’s yellow GUIDE RIDER vest slowly disappear off in front of me. We had occasional chats on the Milo, but spent most of our time with heads down, and legs moving. It was only when I heard the rattle of the gate as Rhona reached it, that I knew the end was in sight, (pun from a blind man).
After that, it was literally all down hill, all the way back to Kilin.
I’m sure a lot of you regular cyclists wouldn’t think much of this hill, but to this occasional biker, it was quite a challenge, but well worth the hard work.
Happy days!

GNT (one way) kms: 15.96
Total (round trip) kms: 31.9


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