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Giant Swing

Queenstown, New Zealand

July 2001



The Ledge Giant Swing is around 400 metres above Queenstown. At night time people throw themselves off here attached to bungee cords. But during the day, the site is used for the giant swing. This is a great way to view Queenstown, so Rhona and I decided to give it a go.



After being strapped into the harness, you are attached to the safety line. Then you are lowered out onto the main line. From here it is all down to you. The release mechanism is in your hand! This is a very simple pull device. As soon as you give it a tug, you’re off!



Rhona went first. Without any hesitation, she pulled the release device and was off screaming and laughing. I think she enjoyed it!



If you don’t fancy bungee jumping, then the giant swing could be for you!






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